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On-premise wine, liquor and beer sales. Reinvented.

Available now.

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Never apologize for a sold out bottle ever again.

Supercharge your inventory management.

Nothing's more tedious than physical inventory. But as a top notch operator, you know how important it is to keep your counts up to date. With Tastevin, just grab any iPad, three finger swipe into inventory and enter your hard counts with the tap of a finger. Everything syncs securely up to the cloud. It couldn't be easier. Goodbye clipboards and spreadsheets. Adios double data entry. Hello, weekend.

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Meet the missing sync.

POS, meet Tastevin.

Besides syncing accurate hard counts for inventory and generating pick lists by vendor based on par values you set, in nightclub settings with select POS vendors orders can even go straight from the guest to the bar for expedited service. Your VIP guests will get VIP service. Efficient, fast, reliable. That's smart syncing.

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Bring something magical
to the table.

Stand out from the crowd with a new twist on drink service.

Printing wine lists wastes paper, ink and money. Plus nothing gives a diner more stress than a wine list full of names they can't pronounce from regions they've never heard of. Is it any wonder dusty old bottles stay dusty? Take the stress out of wine service by providing the information the diner needs, when they need it: at the point of sale. Your customers will love you for it, and so will your bottom line.

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"What goes with the Grüner?"

You know the answer (everything).
How about your servers?

You can't be everywhere at once, even though you try. Scale your brain and demystify your menu in one swoop. Pair every app, salad and entrée with as many wines, spirits and beers as you like. The diner selects the meals they want and gets custom recommendations that will work for everyone at their table. What pairs with Sake Nigori? Now your guests won't need to stress, and neither will you.

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You first eat and drink with your eyes. Order up!

Labels and packaging are works of art, so why not show them off? Add pictures and even video to give your guests the visual detail they want. All at a glance.

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Mixologists, sake and beer lovers rejoice.

Tastevin works with all types of spirits and fermented beverages. The possibilities are limitless. Unleash your creativity and curate a list you'll be proud to love.

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Harness the power of social media.

Guests can share their selections via Facebook right at the point of sale. You end up on their wall, and they get a way to remember what they drank. Like.